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About the Videographer

Full Frame Videography, where creativity meets a professional edge.


We collaborate with the client, gaining a thorough understanding of their needs and wants, to produce a video that works best for them.


Darcy Haight, Videographer

Welcome to my website. I am a videographer in Barrie Ontario. I have been immersed in videography since the age of 10. I found my niche with a vintage RCA camcorder used to film various family functions and some daring feats of gullible yet courageous friends. In high school I began studying film and took a co-op course at Rogers Television in Barrie Ontario, where my thirst for documenting via film making grew tremendously. After high school I immediately enrolled into the Television Broadcasting/Video Production Program at Canadore College in North Bay and graduated in 2007.  I wanted to further my education to the university level, so I pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography at Nipissing University. My passion for film making remained and I continued to study the subject taking the only two film courses Nipissing University had to offer. Since graduating university I started the video production company ‘Full Frame Videography’ and am thrilled to use my creativity and production skills to help clients tell their story and build their brands.

I am experienced in a variety of productions including commercials, corporate videos, event coverage, instructional videos, documentaries, wedding videos, and music videos.


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